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Check out all of our summer prices below! Summer savings on almost all services up to 40% off! 

  • Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating
  • Automotive Powder Coating
  • Clear Bra Paint Protection Film
  • Window Tint
  • Vinyl Wrapping, chrome delete, etc
  • Tire Stickers Distributor/Applicator
  • Brixton Wheel Distributor

Summer Blowout!

Bronze Package: single stage paint correction + CQuartz Lite ceramic coating: Starting at $500

Silver Package: 2 stage paint correction + CQuartz 3.0 ceramic coating: Starting at $1500 $700

Gold Package: multi-stage paint correction + CQuartz 3.0 ceramic coating: Starting at $2000 $1200

Platinum Package (Concours level detail): multi-stage paint restoration + CQuartz Professional ceramic coating: Starting at $3000 $2000

Ceramic Coating

Powder Coating

Wheels: Includes minor curb rash repair, mounting and balancing, most colors: Starting at $800 $600

Brake Calipers: Full vehicle drop off, any color, custom vinyl lettering: Starting at $1200 $1000

Wheel/Caliper Combo: Must be completed during same appointment: Starting at $1900 $1500

Bumpers, Suspension and Engine Parts: Please contact us for price ranges, and bring parts in for a formal quote!: Starting at $100

*Prices shown below in BLUE*



Hail Repair

  • Waived Deductible
  • FREE Powder Coating for your wheels(Upgrade to almost any color and curb rash repair included!)
  • Insurance approved, and fast turn-a-round time!

What is Powder Coating?

Wheels, etc are stripped down to raw metal, and prepped for a new finish.

Powder is applied and clings to the objects via static charge. 

Powder Coated objects then get baked in an industrial oven, to cure the finish.

Any design installed - $275   $225

  • Permanent rubber tire letters
  • All tire prep and install labor included
  • Multiple colors available
  • Custom lettering and designs available

Lifetime warranty with install!

Open Saturdays!

Tons of colors to pick from!

One-stop shop!

We restyle vehicles to give them a unique,custom, or refreshed appearance! Our projects range from small to large, so don't hesitate to contact us today!